ENOUGH: Because We Can Stop Cervical Cancer

A passionate call to action to eliminate needless deaths from cervical cancer by combating health care inequities women face.

Cervical cancer kills almost 350,000 women each year. What’s more horrifying is that millions have died of this disease that’s nearly 100% preventable. It’s no secret that healthcare is full of inequities, with a severe lack of accessible screening programs. But women’s health care is also impeded by cultural, gender, and political barriers, issues that have combined to create devastating consequences. A leading expert in cervical cancer prevention, Dr. Linda Eckert takes her years of experience and weaves it together with the voices of the courageous women who use their own experience of cervical cancer to advocate for change. This heart-breaking, yet hopeful, book takes you through the world of cervical cancer with evidence-based information, personal stories and actionable outcomes. Society flourishes when women have access to safe and affordable health care. Together we can make this need a reality and eliminate the world’s most preventable cancer.

“Beautifully written, Enough is a searing call to arms, for too many women are dying of cervical cancer when we have the tools to save their lives. The unnecessary human cost of cervical cancer is a scandal, and one that Dr. Eckert is determined to fix.”

—Nicholas Kristof, Columnist, The New York Times and
co-author of Half the Sky


Upcoming Events…

March 4, 2024
Braiding Together Evidence, Equity and Advocacy for Cervical Cancer Prevention
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, England
17:15 – 18:30 UK TIME (9:15-10:30 Pacific)

March 8, 2024
European Society of Gynecoogic Oncology Advocacy Conference, Barcelona, Spain

March 21, 2024
University of Washington, Reproductive Health Care Continuing Medical Education Conference

March 26, 2024
Eagle Eye Books, 2076 N. Decatur Rd., Decatur, GA
Open to the public, find details here

March 27, 2024
Emory University, Atlanta, GA

April 4, 2024
Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

April 13, 2024, 4 p.m.
Village Books, 1200 11th Street, Bellingham, WA
Reserve your seat (and book!) here.

April 18/19, 2024
Women’s Health Research Institute, Vancouver, BC, Canada

April 25, 2024, 5-7 p.m.
Free to attend | All ages welcome | ASL services provided
In-Person at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Discovery Center, Seattle, Directions 

October 17, 2024, 7:45 a.m.
University of Michigan Health, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Past Events…

February 21, 2024
Grand Rounds, Peace Health System’s Women’s Health series

February 6, 2024
Third Place Books, 6504 20th Ave NE, Seattle, WA

January 31, 2024
TogetHER for Health. This is a 5-day event open to the pubic.

Janusary 31, 2024
University of Washington Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Grand Rounds, “Braiding Together Evidence, Equity and Advocacy for Cervical Cancer Prevention

January 26, 2024
Us vs. HPV Prevention Week present by American Medical Women’s Associations (AMWA) and the Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC)

January 25, 2024
January 27, 2024
Cervical Cancer Summit, New York, NY.

January 24, 2024
University of Colorado

January 21, 2024, 4 p.m.
L. Scott Stell, Jr. Fellowship Bldg., 1008 May Street, Savannah, GA

January 17, 2024
I-Tech Research Seminar Series: Preventing Cervical Cancer: HPV Vaccine Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons Learned in Namibia and How Advocates Are Advancing Cervical Cancer Elimination Around the World

January 16, 2024
Seattle Town Hall, Seattle WA

January 13, 2024
Book launch, University Book Store, Seattle, WA



Eckert presents an urgent and powerful call to action to save lives, based on her decades of practice and research around the world. Enough is an essential resource for anyone concerned with public health, women’s rights, and addressing racial and national inequities in healthcare.

Anjli Parrin

Director, Global Human Rights Clinic, University of Chicago Law School

This is a beautifully written powerful tale of truth and hope, as Dr. Eckert combines her authoritative work with cervical cancer prevention alongside the inspiring voices of women from all over the world.

Princess Nono Simelela

Former WHO Assistant Director General for Strategic Priorities

This book opened my eyes so wide and showed the whole world what cervical cancer is. All aspects, all successes, all failures.

Icó Tóth

President, Mallow Flower Foundation, Hungary

This book serves as a powerful resource to educate medical professionals and the public alike to take charge on self-care and work towards a cervical cancer-free world.

Shobha S. Krishnan

Founder and President, Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer

A book to read, to gift, to pass on to friends and those who need to know, to USE to make change – Dr. Eckert deftly intertwines the barriers to achieving [cervical cancer elimination], the science and financial issues as well as cultural issues and the bewildering continuing disvaluing of women’s rights and lives.

Joanna M. Cain, M.D.

Professor (retired) University of Massachusetts and Co Chair, Cervical Cancer subcommittee International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)

Dr. Eckert details moving and powerful stories of women battling cervical cancer. Many will bring you to tears, especially as Dr. Eckert educates us that nearly all of the cancers are preventable. In the end she gives us a hopeful roadmap to address health inequities and systems challenges that would allow us to end this deadly cancer.

Barbara Goff, M.D.

Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UW Medicine, Surgeon-in-Chief, University of Washington Medical Center

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone seeking to learn more about cervical cancer, especially those developing health policies.

Aisha Jumaan

Founder and President of Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation, Previous director of the HPV Vaccines: Evidence of Impact project

Cervical cancer cannot be a disease of inequities anymore and the role of this book is crucial to always remember this. Thanks to the author for this essential piece of advocacy.

Nathalie Broutet, M.D., Ph.D.

Lead of the cervical cancer elimination initiative (2005–2022), WHO Department of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Cervical cancer is a preventable disease. Enough is the book that should be put in the hands of anyone who has received a [cervical cancer] diagnosis or is supporting someone with a diagnosis.

Diana Rivington

Emeritus of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

As those with cervical cancer tell their stories, cervical cancer becomes real. This story could be your sister, your mother, your daughter, your aunt, your life partner. Cervical cancer strikes in Zambia, or in Canada, in Honduras, or Australia. In Enough these individuals, whose stories are wonderfully expressed, come to life.

Karen Nakawala

cervical cancer survivor, Founder of Teal Sisters, Zambia

Intimate, and informative, Enough reminds us that the choice to end cervical cancer belongs to each of us. Now is the time to act.

Heather White

TogetHER for Health (www.togetherforhealth.org)


Dr. Linda Eckert

Dr. Linda Eckert is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist and an internationally recognized expert in immunizations and cervical cancer prevention. She has worked as a consultant with the World Health Organization on global cancer prevention for the last fifteen years, facilitating policy development for the HPV vaccine and cervical cancer screening. She is a professor of obstetrics and gynecology with an Infectious Disease Fellowship at University of Washington’s Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Global Health. For over thirty years, Dr. Eckert has worked at Seattle’s Harborview Hospital, the largest public hospital in the Pacific Northwest, serving people from all over the globe who represent a broad spectrum of economic means and disease symptoms.

Dr. Eckert has recently been in the national spotlight for her expertise regarding HPV vaccination and COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy, including being interviewed on NPR’s Here & Now, a syndicated radio news show with five million listeners. She has been interviewed and quoted in more than thirty national publications, ranging from Bloomberg and Politico to Glamour and Mother Jones, done countless radio and television interviews about COVID-19 vaccines, and written for the Los Angeles Times on the subject.

Dr. Eckert also serves on the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) Expert Immunization Committee, is the ACOG Liaison to CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and was the obstetrics lead for the Global Alignment of Immunization Safety in Pregnancy Program. She was a research investigator for COVID-19 and RSV vaccines in pregnancy and HPV vaccines in individuals living with HIV. Her areas of clinical expertise include infections in women, vaccines, vulvar disease, cervical cancer screening, and cross-cultural medicine. She is the author of more than eighty peer-reviewed research articles appearing in journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association.


For media, speaking, and reading inquiries, please contact Josh Hamel at josh.hamel@cambridge.org.

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