It continues to be my distinct privilege to combine my expertise in immunizations, infectious diseases, and care of pregnant individuals to be a national voice about cervical cancer as well as the safety and use of Covid-19 vaccines in pregnancy. — 1/09/2024
“Three Steps to Eliminate Cervical Cancer”

NPR’s Here and Now — 1/12/2022
Interviewed live on NPR about pregnant women and the COVID-19 vaccine (broadcast from 450 stations with five million listeners).
“Pregnant and confused about omicron: A doctor’s advice to expecting parents about COVID-19”

Grid News — 1/12/2022
“How misinformation about pregnancy and covid vaccines became deadly conventional wisdom”

Vaccine Voices (CDC & AAMC) — 1/6/2022
“How to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy Among Pregnant People”

The Center for Public Integrity, Washington, D.C. — 11/23/2021
“The Evidence Is Piling Up that Pregnant People Should Get Vaccinated”

Los Angeles Times — 11/17/2021
Op-Ed: “Too many of our pregnant patients refuse the COVID vaccine”

Politico — 11/01/2021
“Pregnant People Were Shut Out of Covid Vaccine Trials—with Disastrous Results”

Los Angeles Times — 10/13/2021
“Pregnant Women Were Kept Out of Clinical Trials That Left Them Vulnerable to COVID-19”

KOMO News Radio — 10/6/2021
“UW Medicine OBGYN has message for pregnant women worried about getting the COVID vaccine”

Scientific American — 10/5/2021
“Vaccination Protects Pregnant People and Their Babies from Severe COVID”

Bloomberg News — 9/15/2021
“Vaccinated Pregnant Women Pass Protection to Babies in Study”

Bloomberg News — 9/2/2021
“Biden Booster Plan Seen Facing CDC, FDA Resistance”

Bloomberg Law — 8/23/2021
“Pregnant, Unvaccinated and Intubated: Case Surge Alarms Doctors”

Politifact — 8/13/2021
“COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy: why scientists and doctors say it’s safe”

Medscape — 8/3/2021
“ACOG, SMFM Urge All Pregnant Women to Get COVID-19 Vaccine”

Bloomberg — 4/19/2021
“J&J’s Second Act Creates New Challenge for Immunization Effort”

Infectious Disease Society of America — 4/13/2021
“COVID-19 In Pregnant Individuals”

U.S. News & World Report — 4/6/2021
“Promising News for Pregnant People Who Want a COVID-19 Vaccine”

MDedge — 3/25/2021
“COVID-19 maternal antibodies transferred to fetus, newborn from pregnant and lactating vaccine recipients”

Medscape — 3/25/2021
“Maternal COVID-19 Vaccination Protects Fetus, Infants, Study Shows”

Boston Globe — 3/21/2021
“Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccine? With little data, some are eager, some wary”

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“Without Official Vaccine Guidance, Pregnant People are Left to Do Their Own Research”

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“COVID Vaccine and Pregnancy: Everything you Need to Know”

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“Importance of COVID vaccine during pregnancy & breast feeding”

BabyGaga — 2/10/2021
“Coronavirus In Pregnancy: Symptoms, Complications, & Other Things to Expect”

KUOW-FM Seattle NPR radio — 2/10/2021
“Pregnant women weren’t included in the Covid vaccine studies. So how do they decide about the shot?”

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“Why COVID Vaccines are Likely Safe for Pregnant People”

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“Pregnant women should consider taking the COVID-19 vaccine”

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8 COVID-19 Vaccine Myths People Need to Stop Believing

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“8 COVID-19 Vaccine Myths People Need to Stop Believing”

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“Pregnant physicians say benefits of COVID-19 vaccine outweigh risks”

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“I’m Pregnant. Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine?”

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“UW Doctor weighs in on COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy”

KXLY-TV Spokane, WA — 12/24/2020
“Could the COVID vaccine make a person sterile? We’re taking your questions to the experts”


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