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Have you or has someone you know experienced cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is highly preventable. If you have cervical cancer, you shouldn’t have had to suffer. If someone you love has cervical cancer, you, too, should not have had to suffer along with them. By making more people aware of this needless suffering, it’s my passion that we can help cervical cancer come to an end.

In an effort to show others the toll of this preventable disease, I would love to share your story. I promise to honor your story, and I believe that by including it here, we are working together to capture readers’ interest and energy, and to inspire them to make a difference.

My deep desire is that readers, regardless of medical background or knowledge, will ultimately be moved by the tragic consequences of a disease that is now 99-percent preventable, yet causes the deaths of more than 350,000 women a year. I hope that through your willingness to share your experiences, I can reinforce the belief that we are all part of a human community, that every life matters, and so we are responsible to each other in the face of cervical cancer.


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Have you had cervical cancer OR are you currently being treated for cervical cancer?

Has someone you know (close friend/family member) had cervical cancer?

Is the person still alive?


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